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The Digital Superheroes get together for a lighthearted chat about things like dying and why software engineers are so weird. Every episode they discuss something controversial for sh**s and giggles. Podcasts feature Subrata Mukhurjee, Ben Rogers, Simon Measures, Ajay Gohel, Andy Dean, Danny Alder, and selected guests.
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Hey there!

We’re Digital Paint, the Website Design and Digital Marketing Agency with a difference. Since becoming awesome Google and Microsoft Partners, we’re officially recognised as…DIGITAL SUPERHEROES!! Dum Dum Dummmmm!

This Podcast Channel is an opportunity for us to take the complete p**s out of each other, and air any differences we may have, whilst tackling some pretty important issues. 

Listener discretion is advised, whatever that means. 

The Digital Superheroes


Jun 15, 2017

In this episode, Subrata The Engineer discusses with the team a recent statistic that 53% of all online shopping starts on Amazon. Does this stat reflect actual purchases, or simply people using Amazon as a bench-mark for pricing and availability? The Digital Superheroes discuss.

To finish, the team discuss a rather delicate matter of how to create your own adult film star name, as the traditional method of first pets name and mothers maiden name is clearly outdated. 

All improvised. 

Contains adult content.




Mar 13, 2017

In this episode, Ben the Marketing guy controversially asks the team of website designers why website designers are so bloody weird. Perhaps their pale faces and genius are inseparable, or perhaps it's avoidable by making them socialise. The Digital Superheroes discuss.

To finish, the team discuss what they would do if they only had one day to live. 

All improvised. 

Contains adult content.